Product Photography

 School project entailed lighting and staging a product. Dealing with lighting and framing the product to show off from all angles. It was really a challenge playing with different lighting techniques to get a different types of looks of the product itself. Going even further bring the images into Photoshop to enhance the highlights and fix any blemishes within the foreground. 


This is a collection of projects, along with some freelance work I did  for various Clients.. Exploring different lighting techniques using lighting kits and natural light. Also Trying to get Clients comfortable in front of a camera, and catching the best side of them. 


During my Travels to Seattle, New York, and shots from my hometown Winnipeg, I have always loved taking pictures of architecture in different parts of the world.. Then really bring out the vibrant colours within each environment, when editing in Photoshop and Bridge.


Capturing the beauty within landscapes, adapting to different environments, to get the perfect shot. Framing and  natural lighting are always a welcoming challenge when it comes to photography. 


Freelance work that have done, for engagement photos. Listening to what the couple wants done, then adding my own creative flare, with editing and lighting.

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