Video & Motion Graphics

Letter "T" Model House Build

School project make a house out of our assigned letter. Everything in the video was built and animated in Cinema 4D. For the final cut I brought into after affects to add motion blur and add a little bit of sound. 

Logo Build

School project,  modelling, lighting, and animated in Cinema 4D. Then to further enhance the logo build, I brought it into After Affects  added sound and some 2D elements to help transitions between builds to smooth out the overall piece.

Lighting Assignment

.School project, based of of how to use lighting within Cinema 4D. Bring into After Affects and putting in various sound effects to really make this make this animation really stand out.

Camera Movements

School project learning how to properly use sliders and learning how to framing and lighting. to make the slider video more interesting added some people doing the mannequin challenge, along with a unicorn mask for fun!

Story Time

 Group school project learning how to tell a story and also how to properly set up a gap. Along with adding sound effects, and music to really set the atmosphere of this piece. My job drawing up the story board and filming each  of the shots and sound effects, while my partner worked on editing the piece together. 


This project was about learning how to do proper lighting  within an interview, Along with how to do different shots using dual camera set up to makes things easier for editing. I also had to add visuals overtop of what the interviewee was stating that way viewers could follow along with the story and be able to relate with person telling the story. 

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