Graphic Design

Music Poster Design​

This poster is for one of my favourite metal/ fusion composers. I really wanted to play with colours since most of his alum art is watercolour based. So the palette I chose for the poster consisted of sunset pastel colours. Within the elements of the poster the Wombat in space helmet is kind of a stable on some of Plini’s albums I thought he would make a nice addition to the poster. The skyline of Sydney, Australia within the reflection the poster displays were Plini originated from giving it a more personal stance to the poster.

Anti-Hate Poster

During this project, I had to capture something that I am passionate about and make a statement on it. I decided to target violence, against both genders. I went with a simple illustration showing two people hugging in a tender embrace hiding their malice intentions. Going bold with the colour palette to bring out the intensity using different types of paint brushes to get the blood spatter effect. I want the poster to give off the sense that both genders show equal blame when it comes to violent acts, that as a society we should be more willing to embrace our differences and stop the violence together.

Past Travel Poster

This project entailed designing a poster for an escape room for the Red River College.. The class was given a colour palette to follow, along with a specific typography to use and with a certain style we had to stick too.. The only freedom was that I could choose any place in the world. I decided to go with Yucatan, I decided to design the poster as if you were walking through the jungle and came upon the building by adding lots of foliage within the foreground. Within the poster I used darker shades of the colours within the palette to give the poster more depth. 12 posters were picked to be in the escape room mine was one of them!

WW2 Style Poster

This project was about recreating a WW2 style poster on any topic of our choosing. I decided to design a poster for one of my favourite video game Bioshock. I stuck with a army style colour palette. Also decided to go with two styles of typography on the poster to reinforce that WW2 feel. I also Through on a paper texture on top of the entire poster to give an old time feel to the poster as a whole.

Magazine Illustrations

School Project, I had to design a magazine on a topic of our choosing so I made a it about facts on my favourite movie  The Nightmare Before Christmas. All decided to hand draw all of the illustrations within the magazine to show of my drawing skills. 

Wedding Invite Design

Contract basis, working with the Client to create a formal simplistic Wedding invite worked with their colour scheme, also designed cartoon versions of the bride and groom on the wedding invite. I also had to size elements for the Thank you card and the RVSP card since the Client was really loved the cartoon illustration.

Water Colour

During the summer I love to keep myself busy working trying out new techniques. These creations are all the Zodiac Signs in water colour with their respective star constellation. 

Product Design

School project learning how to properly execute re-designing a product package. I went with a sake company called SOTO.  The company name SOTO “meaning outdoors” I decided do a holiday package. Using Snowflakes, and designing a little character in winter wear.

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